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Building Confidence Through Evidence

About Faith & Self Defense

Mark McGee

Building Confidence Through Evidence

The idea for Faith and Self Defense began in 1971 when God saved atheist Mark McGee. Mark was a journalist and radio talk show host in a large metropolitan area and continues to write about journalism and the news media. He was also a “faith bully.” (Read more about Mark’s Testimony that first appeared in Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine more than 30 years ago.)

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ changed Mark’s life forever. He used his voice to defend Christianity against those who would argue that God did not exist and that Jesus did not die for sin and rise from the dead.

Mark studied Bible and Theology at Luther Rice College and Christian Apologetics at Biola University. (Read some of Mark’s recent Bible studies.)

Mark served with Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance for ten years and The Christian Apologetics Alliance  for several years. Mark currently serves with Engage360. Mark has authored two books and more than 550 Christian eBooks

Mark has been involved with martial arts since 1961 and became involved in Judo and Karate for Christ in 1972 (now known as Karate for Christ International). He is a 7th Degree Black Belt and founded Grace Martial Arts in 1990 for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through martial arts ministries. He is a member of the Christian Black Belt Association and serves as Alabama Representative for the International Network of Christian Martial Artists.

(Read more about Mark’s involvement in Christian self defense.)

The Faith & Self Defense Podcast began in 2021 and includes studies Mark has written during the last 50 years. He will continue to add more studies to the podcast and invites you to subscribe so you will be notified when new studies are available to hear.

Here are the platforms where you can currently find our podcast:

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Spotify

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Anchor FM

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Pocket Casts

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Breaker Audio 

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Radio Public

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Overcast

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Google Podcasts (For Android Users)


You can contact Mark McGee by email at


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