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Apologetics for Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ Apologetics


A Reading Plan for Christian Apologists Part 1

A Reading Plan for Christian Apologists Part 2

A Reading Plan for Christian Apologists Part 3

And Jesus Said – Part One

And Jesus Said – Part Two

Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Christianity’s Core Belief Volume 1

Christianity’s Core Belief Volume 2

Christians Believe Jesus Physically Rose From The Dead – Right?

Christians, Jews, and the Baby Messiah

Christmas Eve In Heaven

Easter – One Act of Righteousness

Evangelistic Apologetics – A Closer Look (Part One)

Evangelistic Apologetics – A Closer Look (Part Two)

EXvangelical – What’s That?

Glory of the Son!

Hypocrites and Pagans – Navigating the Narrow Gate

Imagine There’s A Heaven

In Defense of the Resurrection

Is Jesus Human ?

Is Jesus Really God?

Is Progressive Christianity Christian?

It’s Christmas

LOVE Before Time Began

Revival – To Live Again (Part One)

Revival – To Live Again (Part Two)

Revival – To Live Again (Part Three)

Revival – To Live Again (Part Four)

Revival – To Live Again (Part Five)

Teaching Notes On Jesus Christ

Teaching Notes On The Son of God – His Deity and Eternality

The Battle for Christmas

The Cosmic Christ

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ – True or False

The Jesus Seminar Revealed

Thinking About The Deity of Jesus Christ

Three Weeks Until Easter

What We Have In Jesus

Who Is Jesus Christ

Why Jesus Came To Earth

Why Jesus Was Born of a Virgin


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