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Book Review: Christianity At The Crossroads

Crossroads ImageChristianity At The Crossroads: How The Second Century Shaped The Future Of The Church (IVP Academic, 2018) will be an excellent addition to anyone’s personal, teaching, pastoral or church library.

Written by Dr. Michael J. Kruger (President and Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina), this new book does a wonderful job demonstrating the importance of the 2nd century to the life and future of the Christian Church.

“There was a time, nearly two thousand years ago, when Christianity was in its infancy. It possessed very little cultural influence, was weak and frail, and found itself fighting for its life. Theological formulations were imprecise and undeveloped, factions and ‘heresies’ were dominant, attacks from pagan philosophers were rampant, and the future was altogether uncertain. On top of all this, Christianity was, for the first time, moving forward without the direct guidance of living apostles and still did not yet have a fully formed New Testament canon.

When was this time? It was the second century. This particular block of time is one of the most critical in the life of the Church – perhaps the moment when it was most vulnerable. It is what we might call the transitional century for the early Christian faith. The Church was out of the apostolic womb and now trying to take its first breath.” Christianity At The Crossroads, Introduction, p 1


Book Review: The Extent of the Atonement

Atonement ImageThe Extent of the Atonement: A Historical and Critical Review (B&H Academic, 2016) is an excellent reference book for your library. At 848 pages this is a powerful tool for preachers and teachers and other serious students of the Bible.

The author, Dr. David L. Allen, is the distinguished professor and director of the Center for Biblical Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, so he understands what preachers and teachers need for sermon and lesson preparation.


Book Review: New Dictionary of Theology, Second Edition

The full title of this excellent reference book is New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic, Second Edition  (IVP Academic, 2016). The title informs us that there was a first edition. Here’s how the editors explained the need for a second.

“Many students and readers have expressed their appreciation for the New Dictionary of Theology (1988). As the second of the dictionaries produced by IVP (the first being the New Bible Dictionary in 1962), it has been a trustworthy and informative guide. After almost thirty years, however, there are many new writers, issues and themes on the agenda, for theology does not stand still, and this second edition therefore has over 400 new articles. Many of the existing articles have been expanded and amended, and almost all have additional bibliographical references.”

The editors (Martin Davie, Tim Grass, Stephen Holmes, John McDowell, T.A. Noble) mentioned that they tried to give more attention in the mainly British publication to theological writers and themes in North America and around the world. The editors also pointed out that because of the publication of IVP’s New Dictionary of Biblical Theology in 2000, the New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic, Second Edition, would be more specifically a dictionary theology from a systematic and historical perspective.


Book Review: The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon is one of the first authors I read as a new Christian. Spurgeon, along with Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, John Bunyan, Thomas Watson, Francis Schaeffer, A.W. Tozer, and C.S. Lewis helped me get a good grounding during my first year out of atheism.

“The Treasury of David” three-volume set by Spurgeon is still one of my favorites after 40 years. His insights into Scripture and his writing skills were truly extraordinary.

That’s why I was so excited to hear about The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon published by B&H Academic. Volume I was released in 2016 and Volume II in 2017. Volume III is scheduled for release this summer (2018).