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Convince Me There’s A God – Causality

Convince Me Theres A GodI’ve been asked so many times how an atheist could possibly become a theist. Atheists cannot believe one of their own would┬áchange his or her mind and Christians have a hard time believing an atheist could┬áchange. Once they get over the shock of talking to a believer who used to be a dreaded atheist, Christians want to know what they can say to atheist family members or friends to convince them there’s a God. That’s why I’m sharing my personal story – for Christians, atheists and agnostics.

This story begins in 1966 when I determined that God did not exist. It has a second beginning in 1971 when I determined that God did exist.

My path of atheism became stronger and angrier between 1966 and 1970. By 1969 I was using my radio talk show as a powerful platform to preach an anti-Christian style of atheism. I grew up in a Christian environment, so I knew its shortcomings well. I thought I had been duped by the Christian worldview and saw radio as a way to warn people about falling into the traps of Christianity. I ridiculed Christians and what they believed and mocked their God daily on my show.

What I didn’t expect was what happened in early 1971 when I invited a Christian on my program because he believed in a worldwide flood and was leading a search to find Noah’s Ark in Turkey. My purpose in inviting him to the radio program was to ridicule his beliefs and show the audience the absurdity of believing the myths and legends that filled the Bible. My surprise was meeting someone who knew a lot more about science than I did and presented strong, reasonable answers to my questions.