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This is an update to a 10/40 Window ministry need we shared with you a year ago. GraceLife and Faith and Self Defense are currently involved in supporting multiple ministries in Pakistan, including Source of Light. A little more than one percent of Pakistan’s population is Christian. The vast majority (97%) of Pakistanis are Muslim, followed by small Hindu and Christian minorities.

Source of Light in Pakistan has many needs at this time, including a new opportunity to help Christian families suffering from persecution. The Source of Light Team in Pakistan recently visited a village and preached the Gospel of Christ. God was gracious to save 20 people in the village. One family has been persecuted for their faith in Christ. Muslims killed their two sons and occupied their house. The couple is now living on the streets wandering aimlessly with no food. Both are disabled. Another family is living in miserable conditions and their youngest daughter is dying. The mother converted to Islam.

The Source of Light Team has been using all their resources to take care of orphans and widows and other Christians in need in Pakistan. The team is asking for urgent financial assistance and prayer to help these new families who are in such dire need.

You can donate directly to SLM Pakistan on this website. Though the location and name of the director of the ministry are not revealed for security reasons, I have personally spoken with the director and members of the SLM team who take Gospel literature to the villages and preach there. As I mentioned in a previous post, my parents were missionaries with SLM for many years so I am very familiar with the integrity of the ministry.

If you have any questions about SLM Pakistan, you can email me. I will be glad to get answers to your questions.

Thank you for sharing the burden!

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