Children Need Food, Shoes, Clothing

One of the hardest things to see is a suffering child. We are seeing many of them in Pakistan. They need emergency food, shoes, and clothing to deal with the cold, wet weather. There are so many homeless children in Pakistan who do not have parents to provide for them.

We have told you in previous posts about Source of Light in Pakistan. The missionaries there are doing all they can to both preach the Gospel and meet the needs of the people in their communities. We received this communication from the lead missionary this week.

There is much cold, mist and heavy rain. A street child died by cold in the morning sleeping near a bush without any warm clothes. Then we visited to the other street children during the rain. The ways are much dirty and muddy. The situation is much miserable and the children are shivering with cold without clothes and without shoes. Some children were trying to hide themselves in the huts and some were trying to find shelter in the Cement Sewerage pipes. We prayed for them, encouraged them and gave them some food.

Please help the children of Pakistan

SLM Pakistan is working hard to bring food to homeless children and it is making a difference. However, another child has died since in the past day and more are in desperate condition because of the weather conditions. The need for more help has become urgent.

You can donate directly to SLM Pakistan on this website. Though the location and name of the director of the ministry are not revealed for security reasons, I have personally spoken with the director and members of the SLM team who take Gospel literature to the villages and preach there. As I mentioned in a previous post, my parents were missionaries with SLM for many years so I am very familiar with the integrity of the ministry.

If you have any questions about SLM Pakistan, you can email me. I will be glad to get answers to your questions.

Thank you for sharing the burden!

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