Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part 8

The stone rolling away from the tomb

In our last post we heard from father and son, Josh McDowell and Dr. Sean McDowell. Josh has been in ministry (Josh McDowell Ministry) for more than 50 years. His son, Sean, is an Assistant Professor in the Christian Apologetics program at Biola University. Both men are International speakers on the subjects of Christianity and apologetics.

In this post we will hear from Dr. John Lennox, who is Professor of Mathematics (emeritus) at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford. Dr. Lennox is also an Associate Fellow of the Said Business School, Oxford University, and teaches for the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, and at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, as well as being a Senior Fellow of the Trinity Forum.

4 thoughts on “Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part 8

  1. Continuing …

    Can Science Investigate Miracles? John Lennox

    Dr. Lennox raises the topics of forensic science and historical science. The problem with these disciplines as they relate to Jesus’s resurrection is that there is a lack of reliable supporting data. The primary data that we have are the epistles of Paul [esp 1 For 15], Acts, and the Gospel narratives. These works are written 20-70 years after Jesus’s death. These works demonstrate an evolving tradition that is often contradictory and UNSUBSTANTIATED. In reference to the Gospels, even recognized scholars whom are non-liberal openly acknowledge that these works were by anonymous authors to fulfill a theological agenda. Consequently these texts are untrustworthy. [It is recognized that conservative believers will strongly assert that the narratives are trustworthy]

    I discuss these topics in The Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry [pp. 4-13]

    Thank you.

  2. I would like to respond to the link that was sent to my e-mail…

    John Lennox-How can Jesus be both God and Hum only briefly discussed Jesus’s resurrection [literally a few seconds]. However, his terse rationale is easily refuted. Even IF Jesus was raised from the dead, that action would NOT prove that he was God. Why? Because there are at least two additional “Supernatural” explanations: 1) God raised Jesus from the dead without Jesus being part of the Godhead [i.e., a Trinity for reasons unknown] or 2) an angel of demonic entity was responsible.

    Furthermore, it must be asked why does someone being raised from the dead prove that that person is God?

    A detailed rebuttal of Jesus’s purported resurrection is found in my text The Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry.

    Thank you.

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