Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part 4

The stone rolling away from the tomb

In our last post we heard from Dr. Gary Habermas, a leading scholar on the topic of the historical reliability of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. One of his best-known books on the subject is The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, which he wrote with Michael Licona.

Dr. Mike Licona has authored other books about the Resurrection including The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach and Paul Meets Muhammad: A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection. He is an Associate Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University and the President of Risen Jesus, Inc.

Dr. Licona is also a well-known speaker and debater on the issue of the Resurrection of Christ and the historical reliability of the Gospel accounts.

4 thoughts on “Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part 4

  1. Hello Mark:

    There are several works that raise insightful questions, challenge and/or refute the assertion that Jesus experienced a physical, bodily resurrection. In my opinion, the most substantial text is actually my work The Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry. It includes 120 contradictions and 217 speculations. Please note that a speculation is just that, a speculation. The bibliography is 80 pages in length.

    Addition texts include:

    The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave. Robert M Price & Jeffrey Jay Lowder eds. 2005

    The Resurrection Fantasy: Reinventing Jesus. Gerald Sigal. Xlibris. 2012.

    Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection: What happened in the Black Box? 2nd edition. Kris Komarnitsky. Stone Arrow Books. 2014.

    The Trouble With the Resurrection From Paul to the Fourth Gospel. Bernard Brandon Scott. Polebridge Press. 2010.

    Resurrecting Jesus: the Earliest Christian Tradition and its Interpretation. Dale C. Allison. T&T Clark. 2005. [Written by a Christian and a professor at a seminary]

    Please note that every book, pro or con has it weaknesses. And, of course, detractors can cherry pick the weaknesses/errors of that respective work.

    In closing, there are numerous arguments that refute Jesus’s purported resurrection.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Michael. Thank you for sharing about your book and other texts. It is important that we look at both sides of an argument, especially one as important as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mark

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