Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part 5

The stone rolling away from the tomb

In our last post we heard from Dr. Mike Licona, co-author with Dr. Gary Habermas of The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus.

Our next presenter on the subject of Christ’s resurrection is Jonathan McLatchie. Jonathan is a Christian writer, international speaker and debater in areas as diverse as  Darwinian Evolution (Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s degree in forensic biology, a Master’s degree in evolutionary biology, a second Master’s degree in medical and molecular bioscience, and is a PhD student in cell biology), Intelligent Design, Islam and atheism.

4 thoughts on “Arguments for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part 5

  1. Muslims reject the assertion that Jesus died on the cross because they look at Jesus’s words recorded in Matthew 12:40. If Jesus was talking literally, he could not have died on the cross because Jonah never died.

    In contrast, I accept the opinion that Jesus died but not necessarily while he was on the cross. He could have possibly died as he was taken down from the cross or prior to preparing his body. These speculations are discussed in The Resurrection: A Critical Inquiry (pp. 249-265).

    1. Hi, Michael. How do you know for sure that Jonah did not die and was raised from the dead? Why would you think Jesus did not die on the cross given statements in the Gospels that He did die on the cross? Why would you think that the professional Roman executioners would remove a live human from the cross when it was their job to kill him?



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